Like all thriving cities, Birmingham has a huge number of small voluntary and community organisations. Whether their causes relate to the environment, social justice, care or networking, people are working hard to bring about positive change in our fantastic city.

For small community and voluntary groups it’s not always easy to access support in achieving your aims. Whether you need help with setup and structure, securing funding or recruiting volunteers, finding the right information for free can be hard.

Someone out there has the answer to your questions. And you probably have the answer to someone else’s questions. That’s why we’ve made Birmingham Community Matters a ‘peer-to-peer learning network’. Put simply that means we bring volunteers together to share knowledge and experience.

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic …

For the past two years we have delivered most of our services and events online. Many people said they liked this, and it enabled us to expand our reach across Birmingham, so we plan to continue delivering digitally in the future. However, we are also (in March 2022), excited about making a cautious, considerate return to in-person events too.

You will find all of our event listings – online and real-life – on our Eventbrite page