Run a community pub! Plunkett Foundation can help you save your local

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Have you ever dreamed of getting together with some likeminded people and running a community pub?

Pub sign with the BCM Arms on it and a smiley sunshine

What would a Birmingham Community Matters pub look like? [This is a mocked-up picture for daydreaming purposes only.]

Plunkett Foundation is a UK charity dedicated to helping communities save their pubs, shops and services through community ownership.

It is calling for groups in Birmingham to step forward to take over their local pubs – or risk losing them entirely.

Expert advice and funding

Partnering with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), the charity is offering free expert advice and funding to help West Midlands groups establish business plans, appeal for volunteers, handle legal matters and raise the finance to save their pubs.

We all know that pubs often sit at the heart of the community. When a local pub shuts down, it is so much more than a drinking space that is lost. Community pubs can help to tackle issues of isolation and loneliness, and actually improve general wellbeing.

Community pubs across the UK are under threat. Since 2010 over 500 pubs have been lost in the West Midlands region alone. So, if your local pub has shut and you are worried that it might be lost for good, or it’s up for sale and you are worried about its future, the Plunkett programme might be for you.

Taking ownership of a local pub ensures that it can continue to thrive for everyone. Many of the 150 community owned pubs helped by Plunkett provide services that the local community need and value.

“We want groups to come forward”

Chris Cowcher, head of policy at Plunkett Foundation, explained: “Each community group will receive free guidance at every step of their campaign, including tailored business support, advice on raising funds, training and peer support. Plunkett’s help offers a real lifeline to people desperate to save their local pub. We want more groups from the West Midlands to come forward to help them save some of the area’s iconic pubs for the benefit of all.”

Plunkett helps community groups to buy either the freehold or leasehold of a pub, or even set up a new pub in a vacant unit. Community ownership means pubs can put all sorts of activities and services into their buildings as well as being the local place to have a drink.

Some pubs host shops, post offices, health services, dementia groups, knitting circles and more! As well as helping to combat poor mental health pubs can provide work experience, volunteering opportunities and employment locally to all ages.

Plunkett would like to hear from any community groups in Birmingham that may benefit from its support. The foundation can help to put them in the best possible position ahead of the second round of the government community ownership fund.

If you’d like to know more, you can access free advice on 0845 557 1469 or email