Frequently asked questions about Birmingham Community Matters (BCM)

Here we’ve answered a few questions about BCM. If you have questions relating to your community group, we recommend you attend one of our events. Someone is sure to be able to help.

Are you a charity?
Yes, BCM became a charity in August 2018. Our registered charity number is 1179442.

Are you part of Birmingham City Council?
No, Birmingham Community Matters is not part of any local authority.

We were partly funded by Birmingham City Council for a while, thanks to a grant from the Local Innovation Fund administered by Birmingham City Council’s Neighbourhood Development Support Unit (NDSU).

We have also supported the NDSU with its Celebrating Communities fund for the Commonwealth Games.

But we are independent!

You can read more about our funders here.

What do you do at your face-to-face sessions?
Our friendly, informal face-to-face sessions follow a very simple model, which we based on the social media surgeries set up by Podnosh. Basically, we get people who are new to running community groups together with our ‘Community Matters Helpers’ – people who have lots of experience!

We’ve written a blog post to explain what happens.

I would love to help out with BCM – how do I do this?
If you have experience and knowledge to share, we’d love to meet you. We are looking for Community Matters Helpers, as well as trustees to strengthen our existing board. Take a look at our opportunities.

Do you cover all of Birmingham?
Yes! And we’re always looking for new-to-us community venues to hold our events. Please email us at info@birminghamcommunitymatters.org.uk if you are interested in hosting a BCM event in your community hall or venue.