A cautious, considerate return to in-person events

At the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we began delivering our events online. Many people said they liked the convenience and accessibility of this. Talking on Zoom allowed us to expand our reach across Birmingham. So we will continue delivering online sessions. 

However, we are also excited about making a cautious, considerate return to in-person events! 

You will find details of all of our upcoming sessions, online and real life, on BCM’s Eventbrite page

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What happens at a BCM face-to-face session?

Are you new to Birmingham Community Matters? Welcome! We’ve written this guide to what happens at our face-to-face sessions.

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Birmingham community venues

We’re always pleased to make links with community venues to set up future events. Please do get in touch if you think your venue or local area would benefit from hosting one.