Birmingham Community Matters needs a new website!

October 5, 2020

This callout has been prepared by Birmingham Community Matters (BCM) with the aim of receiving expressions of interest (EOI) and quotes from web designers/developers, for the creation of a new website.

We are able to do this thanks to a grant from the National Lottery’s Reaching Communities England fund. 

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We’ve outgrown our website. The aim of our new website will be to make it clear what BCM offers and to whom – and enable site users to find the information they are looking for quickly.


BCM is a small charity, founded in 2016 to give people across Birmingham face-to-face support with getting started and running their community groups and projects. We support in many ways but, essentially, when people approach us for help, we match them with people who are experienced at doing similar things.

We are big on conversations and connections and so our new website will facilitate these – it won’t replace them.

Covid-19 changed our ways of working, as it has for most organisations. BCM has adapted and grown, and now delivers digital one-to-ones, webinars, networking and small group meetings. We aim to return to our in-person events when we can, whilst retaining the new ways of working that we’ve developed in order to widen our reach.

The current BCM website sits on a WordPress platform, which we are familiar with, and the new website needs to be easily editable to allow ease of use by site admins.

Design and branding will need to be in keeping with the existing BCM brand.

Site users

   People looking for help with a small charity/voluntary group (from having an idea, through to changing structures and writing funding bids)

   People looking to help (knowledge sharing and networking)

   Stakeholders (project partners, trustees, funders).

The new website will:

   Present how BCM can help, and how people can become ‘Community Matters Helpers’

   Have a resources area – BCM videos, PDFs, guidance, guides for Helpers / people we help,  resources for our partners

   Have a blog, searchable by filter / tags, displaying news and case studies

  Have a calendar – possibly as online booking system for our own events, and the option to register/join a list for the next event if it’s sold out, option of adding other external events from a select number of our partners

   Have standard pages such as About, Jobs, T&Cs / policies, etc – and the option to add more, and edit the navigation, later down the line

   Be secure and safe, GDPR-compliant, relevant policies in place

   Have CRM integration, and a way to capture information about the people enquiring, and how we have helped

   Be mobile-friendly / responsive

   Enable easy access for BCM to access visitor statistics and SEO facilities

   Contain a search facility that picks up on blog posts and resources

   Enable integration with MailChimp

   Have a 404 page.

Possible add-ons

   An interactive flow chart or similar, where site user can click through to see where they are at in their small charity journey, results emailed to them – and populated into our CRM so we can help with their enquiry more easily by identifying gaps, and get them a face to face/triage/in person or through zoom meeting.

   Include a map and/or directory of the charities/small organisations we have either helped, or are working with, across Birmingham, as well as the option to have a layer (post Covid-19) linked to our events. Even better would be the opportunity to link to sustainable transport options, cycle paths and accessible parking. This map would be useful for groups seeking help in person (to attend local meet-ups), for groups to find other local groups/charities, and also as a record of where we are helping people, and where we might need to concentrate our efforts in future.


   Fonts to be used are Filson Pro font bold for headings, and Avenir for body copy

   Images to be supplied by BCM, with input and advice welcome

   Colours will be provided upon answer to the brief

   Content will be written by our in-house copywriter

   Logos to appear on home page footer currently National Lottery Fund and Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network scheme (we must be able to update these in future)

   Clear and simple design is important; the website needs to be highly user friendly, and must adhere to accessibility requirements.

Response required

   Feedback to brief – is it possible and any immediate concerns?

   Timeframe – doesn’t have to be detailed at this stage. What is possible and would there be any expected delays?

   An estimated overall cost, taking into account 1-2 rounds of amends plus testing, the inclusion of annual ongoing hosting fees if applicable, preferred payment terms.

   Who is the main point of contact and who will be carrying out the work.

   Examples of similar work carried out previously (links to websites are fine) – please give a short overview of your role within the work/web design and build, and anything you think we might like to know.

   Tell us about yourself – Birmingham Community Matters values community, so we’d love to know what area of Birmingham you live in, what are your connections to the city, have you had any involvement with charities/small organisations? What are you passionate about?

   There may be things we have forgotten – if there’s anything you would like to discuss please include this within your response.

Callout process

If you would like to express an interest, please get in touch. Please send your responses via email to Birmingham Community Matters, subject: ‘Website callout’ to 

The work will be awarded on the basis of track record and relevant experience, expertise, creativity, community and value for money. We will be inviting three EOIs to Zoom meetings with members of the BCM team, and one of our trustees.

We welcome applications from any candidate, and are particularly keen to receive applications from candidates who are underrepresented in the workforce. This includes people of colour, women and those whose gender identity is not the same as at birth, and members of the Traveller community.

Format expectations

We are imagining a word document or PDF which responds to the discussion points above. It must be something we can circulate to our team and trustees. We would expect submissions to be no more that 4 x A4 sides at 12pt font. We will anonymise the applications prior to circulating.


Callout launched: 6 October 2020
Deadline for EOI: 20 October 2020
Zoom meetings to take place w/c 2 November
Web designer/developer appointed Nov 2020
Aim for website to be live by start of June 2021.

Thank you for reading this, and we look forward to reading your EOI.

Update on Thursday 15 October

Here are some questions we’ve had from potential developers, which we’ve answered as best we can. 

What is your budget?

Thanks to a grant from Reaching Communities England from the National Lottery, we have budgeted for up to £4.5k for this project. We would be grateful for expressions of interest that address what is possible within this budget and where optional, additional costs may lie. 

Please note you would not be expected to supply any copy: our in-house writer is working on this. 

What CRM system will you be using?

We are considering Salesforce as our CRM (since it offers benefits for small charities such as ours) but we are open to your suggestions as to alternative platforms.